About Us

APT Engineering was formed in 2007 as a General Engineering Company with a strong emphasis on boiler, pressure vessel and pressure piping work. The company operates out of a 950 square meter workshop in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane.


Adolf_1Adolf Blassnig

Adolf has over twenty years of experience in the boiler and pressure vessel industry, including 15 years as Engineering Manager for John Thompson Package boilers.




Paul Wilkinson

Paul is a Boilermaker / Welder by trade. He worked for John  Thompson Package boilers for over twenty years and during that time worked his way up to the position of Workshop Manager.


  • Pressure vessel design and fabrication
  • Design fabrication and installation of pressure piping
  • Watertube and firetube boiler re-tubes and repairs
  • Boiler tube manipulation and swaging
  • Boiler tube panel fabrication
  • Design, manufacture and installation of feedwater pre-heaters and economisers
  • Design, manufacture and installation of feedwater Deaerators
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger refurbishment
  • General Engineering
  • Pressure piping stress analysis
  • Thermal and structural design of fired and waste heat steam and hot water boilers
  • Energy efficiency audits for boilers and steam and condensate systems
  • Design of steam and condensate systems 


  • 2 Chiyoda tube benders
  • 1 Pongrass tube bender
  • 1 Hydraulic tube swaging machine
  • Pneumatic, torque controlled tube expanding equipment
  • Pneumatic pipe beveling equipment
  • 2 Band saws
  • 1 Lathe, 430 x 1500
  • 1 TOS Milling Machine
  • 1 Section rolling machine
  • 1 Dual head fin welding machine
  • MIG and TIG welding equipment
  • Pipe welding rotators
  • 10 ton vessel rotators


  • G&S Engineering Services Pty Ltd
  • HIS Engineering Services Pty Ltd
  • CSR Sugar Ltd
  • Bundaberg Sugar
  • Clyde Babcock Hitachi (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Energy Conservation Systems
  • Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co. Ltd
  • RCR Energy Service